Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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The Freespirit

Some times a book comes along that leaves such a lasting impression that you want to recommend it to everyone! Nilanjan Choudhury's Bali & the Ocean of Milk, is a rib tickling take on the old 'Sagar Manthan' tale from Indian mythology. More

Abhinav's Blog
This book is a standout in the genre of Hindu mythology-based fiction, and succeeds on many, many levelsMore

The Reading Corner

This book comes as a refreshing change in the sea of modern representations of Hindu mythology. The bonus being the satire that accompanies the story telling. More

Literary Sojourn
The book is a treat to read through - the setting of scenes, the building of characters, the amalgamation of modern age vocabulary with mythology, the witticism, the wackiness, the humour, everything is just perfect. More

My Chocolet Handbag
Right from page one I knew that this was going to be a book different from any I had read before.Go and buy the book NOW! Yes, you heard me, buy it NOW. More

Amaranta Entertainment 
Choudhury gives the tale a contemporary twist injected with humour, resulting in one very entertaining book. More

Flipkart Reviews 
    Brilliant read...
    Storytelling is back....
    Hilarious yet thought provoking

    A book that will grip you, surprise & shock you...

Amazon Reviews 
    A very, very good thriller....
    A great read....

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